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Excess and Travel Insurance advice to all our customers for hiring and driving our motorhomes

Damage Excess

At Luxury Winnebago as with other hire companies, we require a damage excess (often classed as a security deposit) to be authorised prior to your departure, as per our Terms and Conditions.

The amount of damage excess will be pre-authorised from your credit or debit card on arrival at our location when collecting the motorhome.

This damage excess covers the cost of any loss or damage from any one incident that has occurred to the motorhome whilst it has been on hire and will clear providing our motorhome is received back to  Luxury Winnebago in the condition it was received to you.

Please note you must have the funds available in your account or your credit card at collection.

The motorhome cannot and will not be released until the funds are preauthorised.

Travel/Holiday Insurance for extra Protection

As with any holiday, before travelling we always advise customers to take out their own holiday/travel insurance to provide the appropriate cover and level of protection for your family.

Please note it is important you personally make sure you get the correct level of cover when you hire a motorhome.

We ALWAYS advise customers to take out a holiday/travel insurance policy – covering motorhome hire.

We recommend that ALL customers are fully aware of their liability i.e. you are liable for the first £1200 of damage to the motorhome per incident in the event of an accident/any damage occurring (regardless of blame).

Companies that offer ‘extra’ Motorhome Hire Damage Cover – +44 (0)1892 833338
icarhire insurance – +44 (0)203 302 2296
Questor Insurance – +44 (0)330 094 4330 – +44 (0)141 280 5760 – other countries contact numbers available on their website

If you have any questions regarding the Excess and Travel Insurance required for motorhome hire with Luxury Winnebago then please contact us.

Understanding the Security Deposit

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit covers the cost of any damage that has occurred to the vehicle whilst it has been on-hire. If the damage is higher than the level of security deposit then any amounts above this threshold will be covered by the insurance policy. Some people think of the security deposit as like an excess amount on an insurance policy. It is very similar. Ultimately your financial exposure will be no more than the security deposit.

What are the levels of security deposit?

The standard policy has a security deposit of £1200 GBP. Prices of vehicle hire quoted include this level as standard.

How is the security deposit paid?

We conduct a pre-authorisation on the driver’s credit or debit card (no American Express or currency cash cards). We enter your card details as normal into a special online payment form through our payment provider, Stripe.  Since this is a pre-authorisation payment, funds are not taken, they are only held in case we need to access them at a later date. For this to work there must be sufficient credit limit or funds in the account to support the level of security deposit. Very rarely on non UK debit or credit cards it may look like the funds have been taken. This is not the case, it is a peculiarity of some non UK card issuers. 

The motorhome cannot and will not be released until the funds are preauthorised. The motorhome won’t be released until the pre authorised deposit is complete.


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